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When the water has run dry, sit and watch for the rising clouds.

It's Raining, Again!

Monday, December 21, 2009
Since last week, it's been raining non-stop from morning till night here in Kuantan. Seriously, I'm not complaining but every time it's raining my mood will go down and down. Why? Even I don't know... This raining season is basically driving me crazy... Can't go anywhere, anytime, every single day...

I still remember back home, every time it's raining mum will fry something to eat like fried banana, 'cucur' or anything like it... and all of us will have some tea while seating in the living room. It's so warm and comfortable... I really like the feeling and I have to admit, I was less feeling crazy back then...

I think everything is nice about home...

It's freaking 9 in the morning and here I am, sitting in our WacKOS - a place for us as SCIENCESS students to hang out, online, read newspapers, well it's our Resource Centre actually but we call it as WacKOS.

Speaking of WacKOS, let me tell you about how WacKOS got its name.

Even since our Foundation days back in CFSIIUM, SCIENCESS students are known not only as less nerdy - and smart in terms of appearance than Medicine students and less stylo than Architecture students, but also we are fun and wacky. Therefore, when we put Wacky together with the abbreviation of our Faculty - here known as Kulliyyah, Kulliyyah of Science (KOS), we get WacKOS.

Well, at least that was I was told by my senior. (If I'm wrong, correct me.)

Hmm... Class is at 11 and I think I want to revise some more.

Have a nice day, people!

New Semester, New Schedule, New Subjects, New This, New That... and New Home!

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Flew back from Sabah on Thursday, stayed at my friend's room in IIUM Gombak Campus, went to Pavilion KL the next day, and I went straight back to campus. It's freaking exhausting!

Went to Pavilion to bring my MacBook back to EpiCentre Apple Reseller to check what's wrong with it as when I tried to start, there'll be this annoying bleeping sound that hurts my ear so much until I was about to smash it on the wall. Just kidding. Fortunately, as it still in warranty, I got a brand new 2 GB RAM... Nice service! (Actually, there's another customer who was complaining why there wasn't any change after she came last time for a service...). Hmm... I hope that doesn't happen to me!

On the way to Kuantan, the bus broke down in the middle of the road only after half an hour it took off. Thank God I managed to arrive safe and sound.

I went back to hostel first to take all my stuffs with the help from Shidah and later that evening, my new housemate, Fatin gave me a ride to my new home.

It's a double story house. My room located on the second floor and I got myself and Fatin the master bedroom. It's actually not that big but I'm not complaining. It's enough for the two of us. I guess. I started to unpack my things right away but then I realize I need to buy some stuffs first so we went to ECM. All of us were starving so we had our approximately 2 p.m.-lunch at KFC. After that we hit the Carrefour. I bought a study table, a chair, and some food stuffs.

I continued the unpacking mission but Fatin said we need to have our meeting regarding lots of issues upon this house. While we were in deep discussion, Fatin claimed that she heard something and saw a hand on the kitchen's windows. All of us were freaking out. I even had goosebumps. Gosh! We don't know what to do but then look at the kitchen area again and again. There were nothing. So we distracted ourselves talking some more until we heard another sound. Kak Sarah went to check in their bathroom and it's just the water dropping on the sink. Wow. When you are scared and a bit panic, your senses just getting sharper.

So we decided to stop the meeting and get ready for sleep. Everybody took their mattresses and pillows - not forgetting their teddies, to my room and put aside all my stuffs. Therefore here we all are, the 7 girls of this house, sleeping together in this room. It really feels like slumber party right now.

I hope everything will be fine here. I pray hard for us to be safe until the last day we stay in this house. Amin.

Oka, people. Good night! Owh... I mean good morning!

Floating In The Air

Thursday, December 10, 2009
This is my 21st flight.

Hmm... My 21st flight is when I'm 21 years old. Cool.

I stopped the 'drama' in the airport on my 10th flight. But all of a sudden, there were tears in my eyes when I was looking back and saw mum waving at me. I know that I'm not coming back for a very long time after this. So I guess that's why.

Basically, living far from my family is something that I adapted quiet a long time ago. I think since 2 semesters before I finished my foundation. Therefore, I don't have the homesickness while being away from my family anymore. It's just that when the times get tough especially during examinations, the feeling of wanting to be home is very strong.

I always remember what Mum said to me that I need to be very focus in my study and do everything what's needed in order to be an exellent student. Do things as hard as I can and as smart as I can get. I have to give 110% commitment in pursuing what I want like I've got nothing to lose.

Hmm... Sometimes I wonder why mums can always say wonderful things that fill our heart with confidence. They always know how to make us feel like floating in the air. Light, free, and comfortable.

Throughout This Holiday

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Seafood - checked.
Shopping - checked.
Went to Grandma's - checked.
'Cooking like chef' at home - checked.
Went for movies - checked.
Japanese Drama Marathon - checked.
Fighting with lil' brother - checked.
Quality time with mum - checked.
Dad's Multi-Purpose Assistant - checked.

I think I'm quite happy with the holiday this time... :)

I'm Out of My Mind... I Think.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
I called some people in the Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design of IIUM in Gombak Campus today. I asked the basic questions about the requirements and the prospects if I want to apply the Undergraduate there. I'm not sure whether this is a right thing to do but then this was what I did before I finally decided not to apply UMS last time. I have to know what I'm gonna do if I take it and what am I gonna miss if I just let it go. I think, it's a good way in making the right decision.
I asked Mum about it. if I want to be an architect, I told her that she and Dad have to wait for another 4 years at least. If I decide to do Pure Architecture, it's gonna be 5 years.

She said she don't have problem with it. Thank God.

But I know Dad will go ballistic if he listen these words about this architect thing. Well, all he sees is the last 3 years I spent in Biology that definitely will go down the drain and the next 4-5 years that even myself not so sure whether I can make it or not.

I really don't know what to do.

I asked myself over and over again. What is the problem with Biomedical Science? Well, obviously there are a lot of problems such as the unprofessional lecturers, lack of management in the laboratories, selfish classmates, exam-oriented-people environment, less interesting lectures, etc. I forget to put 'IIUM's Biomedical Science' there. The campus itself is problematic if you really want to begin with the problems actually. I tried not to include the hostel environment as that aspect will only be considered if I wanna change university.

The reason why I wanna change to Architecture? I want to run Mum's and Dad's businesses later on but the most important one is because I start to grew deep interest toward architecture recently. Well, when I think about it, if you ask me like 5 years ago, would I choose Architectural stream over Science stream, I would choose Architecture. Why? Because I love Art and Science and Architecture has both of them, right?

I wish I can go back in time. Seriously. I think it's because I'm not that brave to make decision on my own when I was younger. I only see things through my parents' eyes all this while - I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I guess I just missed the thing that maybe just maybe is something that I can do like really do with deep interest, strong willingness, and high determination.

I guess it's because I have tons of distractions like music, movies, technologies, etc.

I asked Mum whether I should change university as Architecture in IIUM is gonna take at least 4 years while other universities' courses in Architecture can be completed in 3 years. She suggested UMS - again. I told her I don't wanna study in Bahasa as it's freaking more complicated than English. It's not that my English is something that I can proud of but Bahasa? I went through hard times in Matriculation as I need to switch all the terms to English and now I have to go through that again? NO WAY!

If I need to go to UMS, I rather choose UNIMAS. Why? You know why. :) Another reason is because the Arts courses there are excellent - Mdm. Vianna from my secondary school graduated from there was a great Art teacher. I think it's a great place to study.

Actually, I rather stay in IIUM. Plus, Gombak campus has a very good environment to study. The mahallah, the cafes, sport complexes, the library, and of course it's nearby KL!

But then, if I just go on with things that I'm doing right now isn't that bad. I might further my studies in Japan and join researches in diseases especially spinocerebellar ataxia in one of the universities in Tokyo. Jounan University perhaps.

My life plan?

1 - I want to finish my degree - no matter what course and I want to be in Second Class at least.
2 - Work for 1 or 2 years. Or maybe not as I'll just gonna further my studies abroad. In Japan, Korea, UK or Australia.
3 - After I'm done with living abroad life, I'll go back to Malaysia and find a new job.
4 - Get my own apartment, car, and maybe start on planning my own business. (I detail these things later especially my apartment design).
5 - Go on a trip to go around places in Japan and Korea - again.

I have a lot of things I want to do, experience, accomplish, achieve, and most importantly I really want to live my life to the fullest.Sounds normal and ordinary but I really want to do it.

Some people might think that all these things are only going on and on in my head but I think well, for me at least, I just want to take things slowly but always progressing. Rome wasn't built in one night, right? Therefore, to do something that give impact on your life isn't something that you do over night. I need to think, plan, and take actions. I know all these things need to be planned smoothly and that is what I'm doing right now so when the time comes for me to turn words into actions, I can do it smoothly.

I also hope, that while I'm trying my best to accomplish all the things I want in my life, God will guide me to the right path. I ask for His Forgiveness for my wrong-doings, Blessings in all that I do as I want to do things for His Sake and for the benefit of my family and other people. I hope that at the end of the day, I know that I had lived my life rightfully and I always know that He's watching all along.

Maybe, after all those things, I can finally find my own happiness. Happiness in my own term. Maybe it involve a very important person my life or maybe not. I don't know that yet.

Prisoner of Love

Sunday, November 15, 2009
I’m a prisoner of love, prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love
I’m just a prisoner of love
A prisoner of love

笑って 嫌気がさして


I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love


I'm gonna tell you the truth

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh もう少しだよ
Don't you give up
Oh 見捨てない 

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me



With an unconcerned face I tell lies
I smile, I’m tired of this
I was only trying to be at comfort

Having the blues for desiring too much
Everyone’s seeking tranquility
Though content they still struggle
Chasing after love’s shadow

The boring days suddenly started to shine
Since the day you came in sight
Even though it was lonely and harsh, it was fine
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

In sickness and in health
In stormy days and in fine days, let’s walk together

I’m gonna tell you the truth
I’m secretly choosing the harsh road
You cheered me on
You are the only one I call friend

Things like greed and fake courage have become nonsense
Since the day I was loved by you
Even if I’m free or have my own space, being alone makes it futile
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh, just a little more
Don’t you give up
Oh, I won’t abandon you ever

If the cruel reality splits us apart
We will pull each other even stronger
No matter how much, I felt we could stand firm
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

My normal days suddenly started shining
Since the day my heart was snatched away
Even if it got lonely and harsh, it was fine
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me

I won’t leave you alone

Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru

Times Like This

Friday, November 13, 2009
Just finished the 3rd final exams paper. Don't know what to say as they were 300 spaces to be blackened in the MCQ answer sheet and 2 short essays to be answered. The time only 2 and half hour... Phew!

As the war isn't over yet, I still got 2 more papers before flying across the South China Sea to go back home and then hello, beaches!

When I got myself home, I was thinking about repainting my room. The colour will be dark brown and ivory. Planning to kill some time at Room in Mid Valley to buy some stuffs to add more flavour in the corner or maybe grab some cute things in Living Cabin. Other than that, I need to get rid of some old stuffs from high school days like my old files and ancient reference books - that was my brother called it. Also I need to get some lightings to live up the atmosphere a bit. But most importantly, I really need to get a new curtains as the old one's a bit tatty I think.

I also need to re-landscaping my mini garden. Thinking to get some rosemary and baby's breath. The backyard also needs attention. I'm gonna clean it up and get some flowers over there. Now it looks so freaking boring.

OMG! I forgot it's holiday! I think I'm going to take my family to some place around Sabah, the National Park, maybe? As it's been a long time since the last time we went there. The views are so beautiful. I may get lucky if I see a Rafflesia at times like this.

Not forgetting to do some shopping with my best friends. Plus, it's their birthdays! What should I get them? Perfumes are boring, dresses are so common, maybe something handmade. That would be lovely. A giant card?

Now that I remember that I need to sit and talk to Mum and Dad about the things that need to be settled down. yeah... I mean things...

Alright, folks! I need to do some final touch for Principles of Epidemiology tomorrow.


When I Look Back...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
I was raised in a... I don't know whether my family is perfect or not but I think every family has their own issues, right?

When I looked back at what I've been through for the last 21 years, I never really actually have a lot of good memories to be cherished forever... I've been through hard situations when I was in boarding school where I tried my best to fit in but all I can see back then they - my so-called friends, can't fit with me... All the things I did were wrong and all their thoughts and opinions were right... I had never given a chance to speak for myself, and all they did was pointing out all my mistakes... None of them was trying to help me, guide me, lead me, to be someone better... I was pushed to the corner, I was desperate for a friend... I tried to scream but I felt like I had no voice... So I keep on making mistakes... Hurt people around me that I actually cared so much about them...

After some time, I decided to leave them... and I did. It felt really good...

When I started to make new friends at the new school, I did experienced a lot of new things. Got to know a lot of type of people. But then, again there were a lot of people who didn't like me, why? Just because I took the first place in class? In the whole school?

I tried to ignore all those bad things were said about me, I tried to keep on focus on my studies, but after awhile, I kept on failing... Not really fail those subjects but my grades were getting worst... I don't understand why. After I make some friends, my grades were falling, and the only reason I can guess was I can't keep things on balance. Therefore, after trying to manage some time to balance between fun and studies, I rise up again to be a good student. Well, not to talk big about myself, it's true.

When I got to higher secondary level, I changed to Science stream. I felt like stranger as I got a lot of new classmates and among them was Ogy. She was the nicest person I ever known on earth. She was really cheerful, bright, and the most I like about her was her smile.

Without realizing it, me and Ogy became closer. Well, as we're in the same class, we were practically did almost everything together. Like walking towards the laboratories, going to school cafeteria, and lots of other things. Both of us were having our own circle of friends outside of the class. I was with my classmates from lower secondary who most of them in Religion stream and she was with her classmates also from lower secondary who most of them in Lukisan Teknik - don't know what to call in English, sorry but then we were very comfortable with that. It's like having your own spaces.

Along with us were Hidayah and Janah. So the four of us were also so close back then... At the end of my fourth year in secondary school, it was the second time I felt betrayed by a friend of mine. The first one I was okay with it as things ended in a good way but the the second time was the worst in my life so far. 100% guaranteed.

If you trust someone, you definitely just open up with him, right? You will let yourself expose to him inside and outside, right? Most importantly, you will tell them secrets, right? But in my case, it was her. I was betrayed by her. Though I admit even until now I'm not really that clear with what had happened that time, but what I'm so sure even from the moment I realize that she must be part of the whole thing. Even until now, I still believe it's true. Not only she was taking part in planning the whole thing with someone who I thought an angel was sent from above, she was there watching the plan progressing until the thing just hit me right to my face.

I don't understand. If you are human, I would say that you must have some sort of dignity, pride, honesty, and most importantly, you should realize where your heart is. But for her, I don't even know what was she thinking that time. Is it because she wanted me to go down on my kneel and say she is the queen of the world or is it because she just can't accept me as another human being who have feeling and should I say just like her?

In a nutshell, though it's been more than 4 years already... I don't think I can just act like nothing had happened between us before. Though she can show her face in front of me and act like she didn't do anything wrong, I still can't offer a warm welcome just like what I did back then. I forgive her, yes... a long time a go but I just can't forget. Not like that.

Time goes by and now I'm studying in a nice place and living with nice people. As for me and Ogy, we are still friends though we are studying in a very different place and different courses. I guess we can live with that. Same goes with Hidayah though I don't know what happened with Janah... Still, I always pray that she's gonna be okay no matter what she's doing right now.

To all people out there, those who reading this post, I hope you guys can live with dignity and trust among you. As nowadays we can find corruptions everywhere. Together we remind each other not only if you see other people doing bad things but also a friendly reminder among us that we're not living alone on this Earth... We live together and together we become stronger and do remember that He's watching you... (sounds weird, huh? I'm not talking about aliens okay...)

Have a nice day, people!

Love Letter

I've been lying on this comfy bed for almost half an hour but I couldn't sleep... Though I just came back after spending the whole day in the library, I just can't sleep... Though I feel so tired and exhausted... I still can't close my eyes... I hugged Mr. D tightly, but I still feel uncomfortable... So many things in my head but I don't know what am I thinking right now...

I guess there's something is bothering me... I look outside the window, I can't see the moon tonight... I look at the ceiling, trying to search for something to look at... Nothing...

I look at my watch, it's almost midnight... I wonder why I couldn't sleep... Is it because of the final exams? It's possible though...

Snap! I quickly looked at my watch again... It's midnight and it's 11th of November! Now I remember why I just can't stop thinking about you recently... It's your birthday!

We know each other for 5 years already... but I feel like I've known you long before that... On this special day, I would like to wish you a very happy 21st birthday... I wish all the happiness in the world for you... All the best in everything you do... and mostly, I hope that you can get everything that you wished for...

Honestly, though I never said how I actually felt about you, I just want you to know that I do really care about you... Though you can't really tell from the way I look at you...

Do you still remember the first time we talked to each other? I can't forget that day... You refused to help me in Physics, though you were good at it back then... It's the first time I felt so rejected, you know? We never talked again after that day until the day you showed me your drawings to me and I felt so amazed with it...

If you notice, I never talk to any other person like the way I talk to you... Though you never look at me straight to my eyes, that's the thing I like the most about you... When you express your thoughts, you always be honest and selfless... Though you tried so hard like you know all the things in the world... But I always know that you were innocent... You never talked highly about yourself... You always said there are other people who are better than you...

If you ask me, I don't even remember since when I started to like you... I never actually realize the feeling that I had for you is that special... I just thought that the feeling will go away after awhile.. But it didn't... It never did... I thought it's just a simple crush... or I just infatuated... We were in high school... But I don't know why I acted so mature back then...

Now, after all these years... I still can sense your presence here with me... Though you are so far away from me... and all those things that happened back then, I feel like it just happened yesterday...

Truthfully, I always wished that things didn't turned the way like what happened last time...
I always wanted for things that happened between us didn't end like that...

So on this special day, your birthday... I would like to take this day where I finally say to you... and I'm sorry for taking this long to finally to be able say it in front of you...

I Love You... I Miss You... and I Really Need You... E.F. ...

With Love,

Do I Have To Follow What They Say?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Basically now I'm at the end of my first year means I did 2 long semester and I did an extra short semester to do language and religion studies. So far I did 8 Core Courses, 2 University Required Courses, 2 Faculty Required Courses and 2 Service Courses...

That are the facts... But honestly, I feel like it's been so many years since I enter this university life! Tiring and exhausting but only a bit exciting...

While doing my foundation, there was one time where I think Architecture is kind of interesting but also very tiring. I saw my roommate - an Architecture student, slept for only a few hours a week, a lot of projects to be done, assignments to be submitted and lots of other things to be done. I'm not complaining but as a Science student, I also have assignments to do, lab reports to be submitted, model constructions, and lots of other things... But I don't know why I don't find this course I'm doing right now is not interesting as I can see in Architecture...

I never actually dream to be an Architect. But before I finished my foundation studies, I grow deep interest towards Architecture. If I saw a very interesting building, not only looking at it for a very long time, I can imagine the blue prints of the building, how the building looks on papers, what are the material used to build it and lots of other things... But mostly, I enjoy the designs of buildings...

Generally, I really like Architecture as a whole, but if I want to be specific, I love interior designing especially for homes. I also think Japanese tea house has great interior design. Every thing inside and outside of the house mean something.

So now, I really don't know what to do. I asked Mum about it, she just said just think for a bit and consider what you've done for the last 3 years - in Foundation and in here... But it's not that I just going to throw everything away. I can still transfer some of my credit hours as I'm still going to be in the same university, I can resell my books that I bought for around RM1000 for second hand price and get at least 50% back. Well, money isn't a problem here. What matter is the thing I'm going to do in future.

Think about this.

If I were an architect, I can involve in my family business easily. When I got accepted in Engineering Faculty, I refuse to get in as it's so NOT my interest to be an engineer. But my Dad said if I were an engineer, I can help with the business. But I didn't think of Architecture during that time so I took Science in Biology as I really love Biology - Anatomy to be specific. So now, I think it's shouldn't be a problem, right?

I've been doing all the things my parents want me to do - it's for my own goodness, I know. But all this time I really did what they asked me to do. When I want to go to an ordinary school, they said boarding school was better, when I want to change my stream to religion studies, they said stay in Science stream, when I said I want to got to KPM's Matriculation, they said IIUM's Matriculation - now Centre for Foundation Studies was better, changing from Department of Biotechnology to Biomedical Science was my own choice but they didn't go against it, and now I want to change to Architecture for the sake of them, and they say NO?

It's not that I'm feeling angry or anything but I'm trying not to be emotional about this.
I'm trying so hard to be rational but I just still can't understand any of this.

Oh God the Almighty, I seek for your guidance...

Give and Take

Friday, October 30, 2009
Finally... after the long 14 weeks the lectures ended today... but then the finals are coming!!!

Today also was the final session in Study Circle II, I think its the longest usrah, as we start at 12:30 p.m. and ended everything at 2:30 p.m.!!! Still, I'm glad I went for it... as one of my usrah-mate said something about forgiving people who had done wrong to you...

Well, so far... I've been through a lot of things that most of my friends said, "I couldn't go through that kind of situation... You know Allah test us in according to our capability, right..".

Still remember when I was still in boarding school, I was bullied, tortured, and lots of other things happened to me... Not physically but mentally... When I decided to change my school, then the girls (and some of the boys) came to me and said they were sorry and they just don't know how to deal with someone like me from the very beginning of our High School life, and hoped for me continue to stay with them. But I already made my mind and left the school with the faith that I had in me, assumed that everything happened for reasons.

It's true.

After I changed to another school, my life changed a lot. I started to have friends like real friends... who were with me through me ups and downs... who gave me courage to be who I wanna be.... and lot's of other things that I don't think I can get if I didn't went to that school...

and of course... though we are separated when we start to choose our own path in pursuing our ambitions, though we went to different Higher Learning Institutions, we still remain as friends even until now... we agreed that nothing can stop us from keep going on with this friendship...

Now, sitting here in KOS, thinking back what I've been through the last 2 long semester and a short semester, I'm feeling blessed fro having my girls here with me... If I can give them awards - each and every of them, it'll be "The Coolest Girl Ever Award"...

Thanks, girls... you guys rock my world!

The Coolest Mum and Dad on Earth!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Few days before I went back home, a friend of mine - Mia, showed me her iPhone. I found it very interesting and helpful. She had a lot of applications in there and among them are eBooks of Microbiology, Biochemistry and other medical stuffs. One application costs around $40 - yes, in US dollars! but she can download them for free. Why? I can't tell that in here...

Then she told me one of her friend was trying to sell his iPod Touch - an iPhone minus calling and SMS-ing, and if you have one you can do the same as if you're having an iPhone. He sell it at the price of 2nd hand, around a thousand (actual price during that time was around RM1, 400, I think...). Hearing that, I'm so interested to be the buyer as the package came with casing and other accessories. So, I quickly phoned Mum and asked me to send some money to buy that thing.

After explaining what's this iPod was all about, she said okay and agreed to send the money the day after that. But then, when Mia phoned the friend of her to tell him someone wanted get the iPod from his hands, unfortunately he already sold it to another friend same course as him...
I was so devastated and phoned Mum after that... She said "It's not your rezeki laa... Maybe in future you'll get something better... who knows?". Feeling sad and bla bla bla... I just can't help myself from looking at the picture of iPod Touch like every 5 minutes that I downloaded from

Can't you guys see? It's so beautiful!!!!

So, when I got home, I was being extra-hardworking Daddy's girl - Well, you guys already know that at home I'm the cook, secretary, operator, typist, cleaner...or you guys can call it a M.P.A = multipurpose assistant (not Medical Assistant, duh...)...

So Mum was like "Something fishy... can you smell it?" to Dad... though I was trying my hardest to play innocent!

So the next day, I think I wanna pose that 1 million dollar question to Mum.... Is there any chance that she's gonna get me that thing. But then she said "Uh.. uh.. no way! You already spent a lot your Nike stuffs, remember? You even said yourself you'd done shopping until next month!"

When I think about it, yeah... I already spent a lot... Well, I bought the iPod Classic for one example... still! I wanna have it! It'll be so much easier if you have English dictionary + Biology Dictionary + PDA applications and etc. whenever, wherever you need it, right?

On the next day, the day that my big brother gonna return back from Subang's Air Force Camp, my little brother asked me if I wanna go to 1Borneo after we picked him at the airport... Thinking that I might gonna 'stalk' the iPod Touch again, I said no... but my little brother kept on insisting as he wanna buy a new watch - like mine and my big brother's, so I agreed on one condition which was do not let me passing by the Mac retail store.

When we got there! OMG! The Premium Reseller of Mac product was having a Mac Fair!

So after having our dinner at the Food Court - the kimchi was the best part, Mum wanted us to go to the Mac Fair. Thinking that I'm gonna be more and more sad if I didn't get one of those iPod Touches... I don't wanna go but my little brother grabbed my hands faster before I could say anything!

Looking around and around, I manage to find the iPod booth so I pushed away the promoter and showed to Mum the angel. I explained the features and everything to her... the PDA-like features, the applications and all... But I was so surprised when she actually requested one to buy and it's for me! Yippee!!!!

Before leaving the fair, I managed to grab the casing and the charger so I don't need to charged my iPods from my laptop...

Well, I gotta admit that my Mum and Dad are the coolest parents on earth! Luv ya!

iPod Classic

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Though I was busy observing the 16th IIUM's Taekwondo Open Varsity Competition, I managed to find some time to go to Low Yatt Plaza in KL for a tech-stuffs window shopping... well, that was the plan... :)

It was around 1.30 p.m. I took off from IIUM Gombak and headed for KL... When I got there, it was no surprise to see there were so many people and I almost drowned by them especially in the second floor - where new phones and accessories are being sold.

Then, suddenly I remembered about my long-dreamed iPod... But then, as I don't really know about this thing, I just walk into the MacStudio - a Premium Reseller for Apple and talked to one of the salesperson...

Well, basically, the latest iPod Apple is releasing is the 120 GB iPod Classic. It's available in 2 colours, silver and black. A friend of mine owned a 30 GB iPod - don't know when she bought that, and I was thinking about to get the same like her as I think I don't need that 120 GB - I really don't know what else I want to put in there other than my songs and music videos collections which are around 25 GB but unfortunately it isn't available anymore...

Then the salesperson asked me if I want to check out the new 8GB iPod Touch. I was like "What is that?". Obviously I really don't know what was that... Then I decided to walk around to other iPod-selling shops when finally one Chinese guy said hi and asked if I'm looking for an iPod to buy... Wow! I bet he has sixth sense! Then I followed him into his shop where there are so many other Apple stuffs like MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Pro and other kind of iPod like iPod Shuffle...

Then he opened one locker full with iPod Classics and iPod Touches and showed me the silver iPod... and then, Oh, my God! I fell in love with it once I touch it! Though it's a bit heavy, well of course! it's 120GB! What do you expect?

So I just pulled some cash and bring the angel straight back to IIUM Gombak after I bought a West Digital external hard disk for Dat...

When I arrived at the Sport Complex, the competition was still going on so I just sit among the audience while waiting for the last event of the programme - prize giving ceremony...

So the result is IIUM got the first place for Male category... that's it..

Around 6.30, the IIUM bus came with students that participated the MRC programme in Port Dickson so after all of us manage to gather in front of the Sport Complex, we looked back at some friends that waved at us with smiles on their faces and hopped into bus where I went to 3 seats from the back of the bus.

Tired and satisfied with what I've been through last 3 days, learning strategies when you are head-to-head with your opponents, and lots of rules and regulations, I smiled not only because I got to learn all new things, but also because now I can tick one of the thing I wanted most in my life so far...

iPod Classic... One word = Capacity!

think I'm gonna post about it later...

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Ice Cream Party!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey people!

Since last time we didn’t manage to stay longer at the place where we had BBQ because it was damn late already to have an ice cream party, so we continue the feast at our class, AG02 right after Bahasa Melayu class today… Seems that our lecturer - Mr. Chow had a good time eating ice cream too!

Alright! Let the pics do the talking, okay!

Wan and Yaya… Guess who's hand was that? Peace, y'all!

G-Ah,Madi, Malin, and Kak Tika... G-Ah! We got plenty of chairs, okay!

This is Husna... and one of the background 'props'... Hehe

Ma and Husna! Thanx Hunney for the ‘make-over’!

Husna and Yaya! Pay back! Hehe

Me and Yaya… Feeling Great!

Ohkay… give some applause to our camera gurl…

Overall, we managed to finish one whole container of Ice cream… and steal some Tropicana flavour from the boys..

Thanx though!

So tired after a very long walk from KOS to KOM and headed back to Mahallah... So until then! Bye!

Proud To Be A...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
After those sleepless nights that I've through during last week, I finally decided to change my programme... So now I'm proud to be a a


Wish me luck!