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It's Raining, Again!

Monday, December 21, 2009
Since last week, it's been raining non-stop from morning till night here in Kuantan. Seriously, I'm not complaining but every time it's raining my mood will go down and down. Why? Even I don't know... This raining season is basically driving me crazy... Can't go anywhere, anytime, every single day...

I still remember back home, every time it's raining mum will fry something to eat like fried banana, 'cucur' or anything like it... and all of us will have some tea while seating in the living room. It's so warm and comfortable... I really like the feeling and I have to admit, I was less feeling crazy back then...

I think everything is nice about home...

It's freaking 9 in the morning and here I am, sitting in our WacKOS - a place for us as SCIENCESS students to hang out, online, read newspapers, well it's our Resource Centre actually but we call it as WacKOS.

Speaking of WacKOS, let me tell you about how WacKOS got its name.

Even since our Foundation days back in CFSIIUM, SCIENCESS students are known not only as less nerdy - and smart in terms of appearance than Medicine students and less stylo than Architecture students, but also we are fun and wacky. Therefore, when we put Wacky together with the abbreviation of our Faculty - here known as Kulliyyah, Kulliyyah of Science (KOS), we get WacKOS.

Well, at least that was I was told by my senior. (If I'm wrong, correct me.)

Hmm... Class is at 11 and I think I want to revise some more.

Have a nice day, people!