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When the water has run dry, sit and watch for the rising clouds.

It's Raining, Again!

Monday, December 21, 2009
Since last week, it's been raining non-stop from morning till night here in Kuantan. Seriously, I'm not complaining but every time it's raining my mood will go down and down. Why? Even I don't know... This raining season is basically driving me crazy... Can't go anywhere, anytime, every single day...

I still remember back home, every time it's raining mum will fry something to eat like fried banana, 'cucur' or anything like it... and all of us will have some tea while seating in the living room. It's so warm and comfortable... I really like the feeling and I have to admit, I was less feeling crazy back then...

I think everything is nice about home...

It's freaking 9 in the morning and here I am, sitting in our WacKOS - a place for us as SCIENCESS students to hang out, online, read newspapers, well it's our Resource Centre actually but we call it as WacKOS.

Speaking of WacKOS, let me tell you about how WacKOS got its name.

Even since our Foundation days back in CFSIIUM, SCIENCESS students are known not only as less nerdy - and smart in terms of appearance than Medicine students and less stylo than Architecture students, but also we are fun and wacky. Therefore, when we put Wacky together with the abbreviation of our Faculty - here known as Kulliyyah, Kulliyyah of Science (KOS), we get WacKOS.

Well, at least that was I was told by my senior. (If I'm wrong, correct me.)

Hmm... Class is at 11 and I think I want to revise some more.

Have a nice day, people!

New Semester, New Schedule, New Subjects, New This, New That... and New Home!

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Flew back from Sabah on Thursday, stayed at my friend's room in IIUM Gombak Campus, went to Pavilion KL the next day, and I went straight back to campus. It's freaking exhausting!

Went to Pavilion to bring my MacBook back to EpiCentre Apple Reseller to check what's wrong with it as when I tried to start, there'll be this annoying bleeping sound that hurts my ear so much until I was about to smash it on the wall. Just kidding. Fortunately, as it still in warranty, I got a brand new 2 GB RAM... Nice service! (Actually, there's another customer who was complaining why there wasn't any change after she came last time for a service...). Hmm... I hope that doesn't happen to me!

On the way to Kuantan, the bus broke down in the middle of the road only after half an hour it took off. Thank God I managed to arrive safe and sound.

I went back to hostel first to take all my stuffs with the help from Shidah and later that evening, my new housemate, Fatin gave me a ride to my new home.

It's a double story house. My room located on the second floor and I got myself and Fatin the master bedroom. It's actually not that big but I'm not complaining. It's enough for the two of us. I guess. I started to unpack my things right away but then I realize I need to buy some stuffs first so we went to ECM. All of us were starving so we had our approximately 2 p.m.-lunch at KFC. After that we hit the Carrefour. I bought a study table, a chair, and some food stuffs.

I continued the unpacking mission but Fatin said we need to have our meeting regarding lots of issues upon this house. While we were in deep discussion, Fatin claimed that she heard something and saw a hand on the kitchen's windows. All of us were freaking out. I even had goosebumps. Gosh! We don't know what to do but then look at the kitchen area again and again. There were nothing. So we distracted ourselves talking some more until we heard another sound. Kak Sarah went to check in their bathroom and it's just the water dropping on the sink. Wow. When you are scared and a bit panic, your senses just getting sharper.

So we decided to stop the meeting and get ready for sleep. Everybody took their mattresses and pillows - not forgetting their teddies, to my room and put aside all my stuffs. Therefore here we all are, the 7 girls of this house, sleeping together in this room. It really feels like slumber party right now.

I hope everything will be fine here. I pray hard for us to be safe until the last day we stay in this house. Amin.

Oka, people. Good night! Owh... I mean good morning!

Floating In The Air

Thursday, December 10, 2009
This is my 21st flight.

Hmm... My 21st flight is when I'm 21 years old. Cool.

I stopped the 'drama' in the airport on my 10th flight. But all of a sudden, there were tears in my eyes when I was looking back and saw mum waving at me. I know that I'm not coming back for a very long time after this. So I guess that's why.

Basically, living far from my family is something that I adapted quiet a long time ago. I think since 2 semesters before I finished my foundation. Therefore, I don't have the homesickness while being away from my family anymore. It's just that when the times get tough especially during examinations, the feeling of wanting to be home is very strong.

I always remember what Mum said to me that I need to be very focus in my study and do everything what's needed in order to be an exellent student. Do things as hard as I can and as smart as I can get. I have to give 110% commitment in pursuing what I want like I've got nothing to lose.

Hmm... Sometimes I wonder why mums can always say wonderful things that fill our heart with confidence. They always know how to make us feel like floating in the air. Light, free, and comfortable.

Throughout This Holiday

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Seafood - checked.
Shopping - checked.
Went to Grandma's - checked.
'Cooking like chef' at home - checked.
Went for movies - checked.
Japanese Drama Marathon - checked.
Fighting with lil' brother - checked.
Quality time with mum - checked.
Dad's Multi-Purpose Assistant - checked.

I think I'm quite happy with the holiday this time... :)

I'm Out of My Mind... I Think.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
I called some people in the Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design of IIUM in Gombak Campus today. I asked the basic questions about the requirements and the prospects if I want to apply the Undergraduate there. I'm not sure whether this is a right thing to do but then this was what I did before I finally decided not to apply UMS last time. I have to know what I'm gonna do if I take it and what am I gonna miss if I just let it go. I think, it's a good way in making the right decision.
I asked Mum about it. if I want to be an architect, I told her that she and Dad have to wait for another 4 years at least. If I decide to do Pure Architecture, it's gonna be 5 years.

She said she don't have problem with it. Thank God.

But I know Dad will go ballistic if he listen these words about this architect thing. Well, all he sees is the last 3 years I spent in Biology that definitely will go down the drain and the next 4-5 years that even myself not so sure whether I can make it or not.

I really don't know what to do.

I asked myself over and over again. What is the problem with Biomedical Science? Well, obviously there are a lot of problems such as the unprofessional lecturers, lack of management in the laboratories, selfish classmates, exam-oriented-people environment, less interesting lectures, etc. I forget to put 'IIUM's Biomedical Science' there. The campus itself is problematic if you really want to begin with the problems actually. I tried not to include the hostel environment as that aspect will only be considered if I wanna change university.

The reason why I wanna change to Architecture? I want to run Mum's and Dad's businesses later on but the most important one is because I start to grew deep interest toward architecture recently. Well, when I think about it, if you ask me like 5 years ago, would I choose Architectural stream over Science stream, I would choose Architecture. Why? Because I love Art and Science and Architecture has both of them, right?

I wish I can go back in time. Seriously. I think it's because I'm not that brave to make decision on my own when I was younger. I only see things through my parents' eyes all this while - I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I guess I just missed the thing that maybe just maybe is something that I can do like really do with deep interest, strong willingness, and high determination.

I guess it's because I have tons of distractions like music, movies, technologies, etc.

I asked Mum whether I should change university as Architecture in IIUM is gonna take at least 4 years while other universities' courses in Architecture can be completed in 3 years. She suggested UMS - again. I told her I don't wanna study in Bahasa as it's freaking more complicated than English. It's not that my English is something that I can proud of but Bahasa? I went through hard times in Matriculation as I need to switch all the terms to English and now I have to go through that again? NO WAY!

If I need to go to UMS, I rather choose UNIMAS. Why? You know why. :) Another reason is because the Arts courses there are excellent - Mdm. Vianna from my secondary school graduated from there was a great Art teacher. I think it's a great place to study.

Actually, I rather stay in IIUM. Plus, Gombak campus has a very good environment to study. The mahallah, the cafes, sport complexes, the library, and of course it's nearby KL!

But then, if I just go on with things that I'm doing right now isn't that bad. I might further my studies in Japan and join researches in diseases especially spinocerebellar ataxia in one of the universities in Tokyo. Jounan University perhaps.

My life plan?

1 - I want to finish my degree - no matter what course and I want to be in Second Class at least.
2 - Work for 1 or 2 years. Or maybe not as I'll just gonna further my studies abroad. In Japan, Korea, UK or Australia.
3 - After I'm done with living abroad life, I'll go back to Malaysia and find a new job.
4 - Get my own apartment, car, and maybe start on planning my own business. (I detail these things later especially my apartment design).
5 - Go on a trip to go around places in Japan and Korea - again.

I have a lot of things I want to do, experience, accomplish, achieve, and most importantly I really want to live my life to the fullest.Sounds normal and ordinary but I really want to do it.

Some people might think that all these things are only going on and on in my head but I think well, for me at least, I just want to take things slowly but always progressing. Rome wasn't built in one night, right? Therefore, to do something that give impact on your life isn't something that you do over night. I need to think, plan, and take actions. I know all these things need to be planned smoothly and that is what I'm doing right now so when the time comes for me to turn words into actions, I can do it smoothly.

I also hope, that while I'm trying my best to accomplish all the things I want in my life, God will guide me to the right path. I ask for His Forgiveness for my wrong-doings, Blessings in all that I do as I want to do things for His Sake and for the benefit of my family and other people. I hope that at the end of the day, I know that I had lived my life rightfully and I always know that He's watching all along.

Maybe, after all those things, I can finally find my own happiness. Happiness in my own term. Maybe it involve a very important person my life or maybe not. I don't know that yet.