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Walking Tall Part II

Friday, August 27, 2010
Sometimes I really miss the times when I was in primary school. Even though I only made few friends, it didn't really matter to me back then. How I was doing at school was the most important thing for me, or I could say my parents. I have to live up to their expectations every single day. Back then also, everyday was almost the same. School, homework, house chores, and then repeat the whole thing on the next day. I got few things to run at school - as the head librarian but it didn't cost me much work.

The thing that I remembered mostly about primary school was I kinda did things effortless. Multi-tasking was easy as I knew everything like the back of my hand.

But now, everything was so different. At this age, I find things around me very challenging even to wake up from bed and decide what I'm going to do today. Lectures that I have to attend to, assignments that I need to be done with, discussions among classmates that seems never going to end, all those sessions in labs, even after going through all these things, I'm going to be honest, I still can't see what I want to do, who I want to be, when will I ever be, in the future.


One simple word that every time I want to talk about it, I'm just speechless.

Am I going to be someone in the future? Probably that's out of the question but who knows?

I see a lot of people with different background achieved something big in different field.

If only there's a book that whenever we have problem, we just open it up and look up for the answer in there. But life's not like that. All of us need to realize how important it is to experience the life itself and live every moment.

Therefore, I'm saying this to myself,

Wake up and start decide want you want out of your life.

It's now or never!