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I Wasn't Living

Monday, April 2, 2012
I was late this morning. I arrived at Lecture Theatre 1 exactly at 9.05 a.m. Thanks mum for giving me a name with N as my initial. Yeah, I bet some of you didn't know that here in Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design mostly known as KAED, we the KAEDians are required to come early (well, that's the cliche part, all students must do that) and by the time that your name was announced, you have to be present and reply as a remark of your being present. Therefore, if the lecturer called out your name, and particularly when you're late, you're counted as absent.

Not something that I've ever encountered when I was in Kuantan. Well, thanks to us being the largest number of batch in SCIENCESS history... If this were implemented, I bet the first half an hour are merely for taking attendance. 

Anyway, for the upcoming week, we're going to start on our assignment, whereby we're going to our respective assigned house and conduct observations, analysis, and etc and from all the data we're going to accumulated, we're gonna have to come up with some sort of design solution to improve the built environment around the existing house. 

The thing is, my group mates are among those who either just finished bridging level (like me and Huda) or just changed to architecture. One from Landscape Architecture, one from Urban and Regional Planning, one from Applied Art and Design, and one from Quantity Surveying Department. Hence, we all have different way of approaching certain assignments. 

It's a good thing I guess. But the most amazing thing that I found out, via my Culture and Human Behaviour in the Built Environment subject, second year students are just awesome with their crazy yet brilliant ideas, exhibited through recent 5-minutes video presentation during out previous class the week before the break. 

So far, all I'm hoping for is to be able to adapt to this department as soon as I can and I pray to Allah the Almighty, to give me strength to face all my challenges and to give me sufficient financial support (as you all know, this course demands high expenses unlike before, I just buy few books for the rest of the 2 years). 

But most importantly, my life has been changing so much. The campus, the people, the faculty and most importantly, the lifestyle. 

... and I guess all of them are good changes. 

Okay, that's all. See you next entry.