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In Gombak Again...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
The last 5 days were AWESOME!!!

Last Friday, I woke up in the morning and started to pack my things up. I don't know why. Took a cab to LRT Putra station and went to KL Sentral and took another cab to Pekeliling. I bought a ticket to Kuantan. I was listening to mu iPod along the way only to realize when I sat at the bench nearby the ticket counter, an old lady asked me where I was heading to. During that moment, I was thinking hard. Where am I heading to?

Kuantan. I answered. Only then I realized that I was actually going to Kuantan. It doesn't make sense right? What I'm saying is, I unknowingly made myself went to Kuantan. As if it's a place that I can go to without wondering - not even a second, what to do next in order to reach that place.

Like home. Like how I can predict of what's gonna happen every time I'm on trip to home.

Though I stated that I have no reason to stay at Kuantan anymore, now I realize I still have reason to go there...

Went to the mahallah and met up all my beloved friends, replenishing my supply of crazy stories among them, saw few of my classmates in the cafe, exchanged stories and confirmed whatever they heard about me, it felt good.

Since they're in the middle of exams right now, we just ate, sleep, and talked inside the room. I went to KOS for the first time after few months and all I could see were the memories at every corner of the building.

The lecture theaters and classrooms - where I used to have my lectures, WacKOS, where I used to hang out with my friends, the sister's musolla - where I used to pray and sleep in between my lectures, and the Operation Room - where I used to fulfill my duty as the SCIENCESS Special Task's committee for two semesters in a row... and of course the long walk from KOS towards mahallah after my friends done with their revisions...

I missed being here.

Well, so much for the memories!

As I took the bus back to KL, I looked back and waved at my friends who sent me to the terminal. While on the bus, I was thinking...

Is this some kind of a closure? A sign telling me to finally move on with my life?

I think so.

But one thing that I'm pretty sure, that I still have my friends staying in Kuantan. These are the people who are giving me plenty of reasons to come to Kuantan once in a while.

Yeah. I guess so.

Good night, everybody!