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Not So Alone in Tanah Semenanjung.

Sunday, October 6, 2013
It was as planned that my big brother has finally been transferred to Labuan and hence my sis in-law and of course my beloved nephew, Adam Aizuddin.

After seven years living on this side of Malaysia, for the first time I have no other immediate family living near with me. T___________T

Of course, I have my uncle and aunts and the nearest one is living in Cheras, KL but then of course with my cousin who's gonna have SPM by the end of this year, plus both of them who're always working plus my busy schedule that won't allow me to go back and forth of their house within  day, it's seems impossible for me to visit them every other weekend. ...and I hate changing trains to begin with. Sigh.

Well, maybe I'm okay with it if I'm not too busy with 10 000 things. No kidding! Even right now I'm just taking a break from writing up design concepts, design development and whatnot...

But thank Allah cause I'm flying home next week for Eidul Adha. I'll have to sit down with my ESS 2 group mates and have discussion on our next assignments and go back with empty head. Though I won't be enjoyin much of the Eid (cause I don't eat meat, duh) but I'll definitely going to spend ample of time with my family. No architecture stuffs for merely 4 days should be more than enough.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Ugh! 2 and a half years of this should kill me.


Until next time,