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Sharing House 2.0

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The last time I lived in a rental house was back in 2009.

As commuting to my work place is quite time-consuming with mum having to drive me 6 in the morning to avoid traffic and pick me up in the evening right after work, I figured it's better to just get a room to rent that isn't so far from the office.

So I went on and listed out like 10 possible places to rent and went for room hunting yesterday. The first place was Chanyai Villa in Likas. It's about 20 minutes walk from my office and it was a small studio apartment with 2 girls looking for a third roommate. The whole place was a mess and it's so hot in there. We went to the next location right after.

The next place is actually a double-story house in Taman Likas and from the look of it, all my neighbors probably have been living in that neighborhood for more than 30 years if not a third generation at least. The windows are made of old-fashioned grilled with wooden panels, the switches are yellowish, probably aged 20 years, there's even old air-condition on the wall...

But I decided to choose that place as it's only 15 minutes walk from the office and the house is actually quite nice. I haven't really meet my housemates yet so hopefully all of them are good people.