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The Coolest Mum and Dad on Earth!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Few days before I went back home, a friend of mine - Mia, showed me her iPhone. I found it very interesting and helpful. She had a lot of applications in there and among them are eBooks of Microbiology, Biochemistry and other medical stuffs. One application costs around $40 - yes, in US dollars! but she can download them for free. Why? I can't tell that in here...

Then she told me one of her friend was trying to sell his iPod Touch - an iPhone minus calling and SMS-ing, and if you have one you can do the same as if you're having an iPhone. He sell it at the price of 2nd hand, around a thousand (actual price during that time was around RM1, 400, I think...). Hearing that, I'm so interested to be the buyer as the package came with casing and other accessories. So, I quickly phoned Mum and asked me to send some money to buy that thing.

After explaining what's this iPod was all about, she said okay and agreed to send the money the day after that. But then, when Mia phoned the friend of her to tell him someone wanted get the iPod from his hands, unfortunately he already sold it to another friend same course as him...
I was so devastated and phoned Mum after that... She said "It's not your rezeki laa... Maybe in future you'll get something better... who knows?". Feeling sad and bla bla bla... I just can't help myself from looking at the picture of iPod Touch like every 5 minutes that I downloaded from

Can't you guys see? It's so beautiful!!!!

So, when I got home, I was being extra-hardworking Daddy's girl - Well, you guys already know that at home I'm the cook, secretary, operator, typist, cleaner...or you guys can call it a M.P.A = multipurpose assistant (not Medical Assistant, duh...)...

So Mum was like "Something fishy... can you smell it?" to Dad... though I was trying my hardest to play innocent!

So the next day, I think I wanna pose that 1 million dollar question to Mum.... Is there any chance that she's gonna get me that thing. But then she said "Uh.. uh.. no way! You already spent a lot your Nike stuffs, remember? You even said yourself you'd done shopping until next month!"

When I think about it, yeah... I already spent a lot... Well, I bought the iPod Classic for one example... still! I wanna have it! It'll be so much easier if you have English dictionary + Biology Dictionary + PDA applications and etc. whenever, wherever you need it, right?

On the next day, the day that my big brother gonna return back from Subang's Air Force Camp, my little brother asked me if I wanna go to 1Borneo after we picked him at the airport... Thinking that I might gonna 'stalk' the iPod Touch again, I said no... but my little brother kept on insisting as he wanna buy a new watch - like mine and my big brother's, so I agreed on one condition which was do not let me passing by the Mac retail store.

When we got there! OMG! The Premium Reseller of Mac product was having a Mac Fair!

So after having our dinner at the Food Court - the kimchi was the best part, Mum wanted us to go to the Mac Fair. Thinking that I'm gonna be more and more sad if I didn't get one of those iPod Touches... I don't wanna go but my little brother grabbed my hands faster before I could say anything!

Looking around and around, I manage to find the iPod booth so I pushed away the promoter and showed to Mum the angel. I explained the features and everything to her... the PDA-like features, the applications and all... But I was so surprised when she actually requested one to buy and it's for me! Yippee!!!!

Before leaving the fair, I managed to grab the casing and the charger so I don't need to charged my iPods from my laptop...

Well, I gotta admit that my Mum and Dad are the coolest parents on earth! Luv ya!