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Ice Cream Party!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey people!

Since last time we didn’t manage to stay longer at the place where we had BBQ because it was damn late already to have an ice cream party, so we continue the feast at our class, AG02 right after Bahasa Melayu class today… Seems that our lecturer - Mr. Chow had a good time eating ice cream too!

Alright! Let the pics do the talking, okay!

Wan and Yaya… Guess who's hand was that? Peace, y'all!

G-Ah,Madi, Malin, and Kak Tika... G-Ah! We got plenty of chairs, okay!

This is Husna... and one of the background 'props'... Hehe

Ma and Husna! Thanx Hunney for the ‘make-over’!

Husna and Yaya! Pay back! Hehe

Me and Yaya… Feeling Great!

Ohkay… give some applause to our camera gurl…

Overall, we managed to finish one whole container of Ice cream… and steal some Tropicana flavour from the boys..

Thanx though!

So tired after a very long walk from KOS to KOM and headed back to Mahallah... So until then! Bye!