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Times Like This

Friday, November 13, 2009
Just finished the 3rd final exams paper. Don't know what to say as they were 300 spaces to be blackened in the MCQ answer sheet and 2 short essays to be answered. The time only 2 and half hour... Phew!

As the war isn't over yet, I still got 2 more papers before flying across the South China Sea to go back home and then hello, beaches!

When I got myself home, I was thinking about repainting my room. The colour will be dark brown and ivory. Planning to kill some time at Room in Mid Valley to buy some stuffs to add more flavour in the corner or maybe grab some cute things in Living Cabin. Other than that, I need to get rid of some old stuffs from high school days like my old files and ancient reference books - that was my brother called it. Also I need to get some lightings to live up the atmosphere a bit. But most importantly, I really need to get a new curtains as the old one's a bit tatty I think.

I also need to re-landscaping my mini garden. Thinking to get some rosemary and baby's breath. The backyard also needs attention. I'm gonna clean it up and get some flowers over there. Now it looks so freaking boring.

OMG! I forgot it's holiday! I think I'm going to take my family to some place around Sabah, the National Park, maybe? As it's been a long time since the last time we went there. The views are so beautiful. I may get lucky if I see a Rafflesia at times like this.

Not forgetting to do some shopping with my best friends. Plus, it's their birthdays! What should I get them? Perfumes are boring, dresses are so common, maybe something handmade. That would be lovely. A giant card?

Now that I remember that I need to sit and talk to Mum and Dad about the things that need to be settled down. yeah... I mean things...

Alright, folks! I need to do some final touch for Principles of Epidemiology tomorrow.