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A Reflection... #1

Friday, January 15, 2010
Finally after a long wait for Leadership class, today I had one. Well, it's 2 in 1 actually... Though I'm not really agree with the concept of killing two birds at one shot as we're having 2 sessions in one class, still all my classmates are okay with it... It's a good thing I guess.

When the lecturer came, I was surprised. It's not that he's an alien or something but because it was the first time I saw him. As I know most of the lecturers in Kulliyyah of Science - except in Department of Mathematical Science, I bet he's not in our Kulliyyah.

My first impression? He's definitely a strict and particular person. Well, I was right at the end of the sessions.

While waiting for others to come - though he prefer to wait for them, we discussed a few ground rules in the next coming sessions that we're going to have with him. Basically, we have to come for every session - of course. Two times of absent will result in barring from the course. We're not going to have final exam but if you are barred, you are required to repeat the whole course during next semester. We all have to submit assignments which is a journal - An Experience Learning Leadership and Management Module: A Reflection. Lastly, we all are required to participate in the task given which is our presentation.

After explaining a little bit more on what we should do in our presentations, we are required to form a group and chose a topic - from the module. Done with that, we proceeded with the things we are going to evaluate from our classmates' presentations as we are going to give 50% mark for every presentation.

Finally, we got the chance to know a little bit more on who's actually the person behind the name of Br. Mohd. Said Nurumal - our lecturer. He's the Deputy Dean of Academic Affair of IIUM's Kulliyyah of Nursing. A lot of questions rose among my classmates mostly regarding his personal life. A few questions on what he likes. Surprised when we heard he loves Disneyland, he explained that it is because that he likes the animation created by Walt Disney and went to Walt Disney Animation Studio few times to actually enjoy the thrill of animation. He also told us that he had been to so many places which had me feel a little bit of envy of him. It's not that I never travelled before but I just can't help it. But then, I realize the fun he had came with a price. I bet being a Deputy Dean of Academic Affair in KON isn't something you can joke about. It's a heavy responsible and of course there will be special treatments given if you're in that position.

It suddenly reminds me of being the only daughter in the family. I'm the first who went abroad and I have to admit that I mostly get what I want. But, I do realize all those things come with a price and it's expensive. All my life I have to live up to their expectations - though I'm not that good in my studies, and I have to go with everything they decided. My course, especially. I never intended to study science but they want me to. I never wanted to be in IIUM's Kuantan campus but they actually flew from Sabah - my hometown, and sent me here. However, I decided to go with everything they want me to do. I hope good things will come to me as I know consent from parents are very important.

But, a friend once said to me, "In life, you don't do things half-heartedly." Because I believe there is something that I can do better than science so I started to take things that laid in front of me not seriously. I'm lacking in a lot of things compare to my classmates who got high CGPA and I have different way of learning science or my course I should say. For me, as I know I'm not as good as other people in my class, I take things slowly than others, and trying my best to understand things I need to know for every subject I'm taking.

Every time my head goes up to space, as I imagine myself doing other thing - studying Architecture, I will remember what had said by my English teacher back in secondary school, "A person who does not take seriously what he's doing now is someone who does not have the right to talk about what he wants in future." That'll definitely bring me back to earth and the reality of life will hit my face and tells me to wake up and start to work hard in my study.

Back to my Leadership class...

So, before we dispersed, we decided the date for our next session where my group and I will present our topic on Leadership Skills.

All in all, I think... well, I hope our coming sessions will be interesting as there won't be any lecture just presentations by our classmates. As for me and my group, we're going to have discussions regarding our presentation by the end of this week. The earlier, the better.

As I need to do some research on our topic, that's all for now.