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I Love Saturday

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Today, I finished half of my Saturday in East Coast Mall shopping, eating and watching movie. It's the first time ever I went to a mall alone and I felt so light and free. I don't know whether it's a good or a bad feeling but I just felt that way. Can't help it!

Reached at ECM around 11 in the morning, I went straight to Sand - Loreal's Hair Salon and got myself a haircut. What a refreshing shampoo used on my hair! I love it! I miss my hairstylist though... Still, Shamon is a nice hairstylist. She'd done my hair very well...

Then, I went for my hotspot - Sushi King! Having okonomiyaki for a start, then some sashimi, and lastly I ordered unagi temaki. Stayed for a while in there before I had the last sip of my green tea.

Went to Living Cabin to search for Abeer's birthday present... I went through everything until I found the right one to give her... Well, hope she'll like it... :) I asked the lady at the counter to wrap it for me but I think I can wrap it better than her. Honestly...

Headed to the cinema after that to watch Legion - starring the guy from Da Vinci Code - Paul Bettany as the good angel, the guy from 2 Fast and 2 Furious and Transformers - Tyrese Gibson, the guy from The Fast and The Furious - Lucas Black, a cameo girl from Supernatural - Adriana Palicki, and some more. The film is a bit horror for me and evolved around Christianity, but still, like Da Vinci Code, I'm just enjoying the story...

After the movie, I went to Carrefour to buy some groceries and toiletries... There were a lot of people as the Chinese New Year is getting near... Got to see a lot of hot Chinese guys... :) Oopsie... Let's just scratch that...

Then, went to Starbucks to get Iced Caramel Macchiato. Nash was at the counter and I saw Mr. Blender is back after a long break... Both of them noticed I went shopping alone, and teased me if I was with someone. Like that ever gonna happen! :P

After reading a few pages of Eclipse, I decided to check on Padini, to see if there's sale and YES! There is! I went in and grab some T-shirts and shorts.

I called for a delivery and waited at Big Apple. Reached home around 8 p.m.

At home, Bella opened the door for me. She noticed the scooter and I noticed her car parked outside the fence... :D So, now everybody in the house has a ride! It's a good thing I guess... I chatted with Bella for a while before she went to get her friend from campus to accompany her in the room tonight.

All in all, wow... I think I should do this shopping-alone again... :) hehe

Good night!