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A Reflection... #2

Friday, February 5, 2010
Finally, after all those preparations before our group presentation for Leadership class, we presented it today. I felt relief when everything's over.

In our presentation on Leadership Skills my group members - Hazirah, Izzati, Asma and I acted as candidates that are running for an election. Each of us need to portray the dos and don'ts as a leader while Soraya will 'pause' us whenever a right or wrong thing done by us and point it out to the audiences.

Throughout the presentation, I thought this was the first time I present something using this method so it's quite unique to me, at least. As my turn came the last one to present, I had some time to observe the audiences. There were a lot seemed interested, but there were some seemed bored, there were some who was listening to their mp3, there were some who was sleeping, I even saw our Br. Said yawned a few times at the back. Well, everybody had their own reason why they did all those things and it probably does not mean they were not paying attention and vice versa.

As we started the class a little bit late, me - who's having trouble riding at night, need to leave early. I watched the second group's presentation for a few minutes and left after informed Br. Said.

Being a student is something that I have lived with for almost all my life. As I started the education earlier than other kids my age, went to 2 different schools in primary level - simultaneously, been to 2 boarding schools in secondary level, went to Centre for Foundation Studies of IIUM after that and now here in IIUM's Kuantan campus doing my bachelor degree, I can say studying holds a very big part of who I am. Learning is life-long process so I think it's not a big deal for being a student at this age of almost 22 while watching most of my friends back home who are already working, having businesses and married.

But of course, being a student has its own responsibility. Other than doing great in examinations, this is the time where a lot of opportunities to excel in aspects such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and other things come up through activities held in and off campus. There are a lot of programs where students can gain knowledge such as talks and workshops.

In a nutshell, from the session that had in class today, I can conclude that this university life is a very crucial stage of my life where I'll experience a lot of things - hardship, challenges, ups and downs, and of course the fun. There are still 2 years left before I graduate and I think I want to enjoy the rides of being a university student. Wish me luck!