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A Reflection... #4

Friday, March 5, 2010
After spending the entire morning reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, I went to Secret Recipe for a lunch and end up staying in there - online, updating my FB, my blogs... and of course time flies very fast when you're having fun... I almost forgot that I supposedly have Leadership class today. So, after rushing to KOS, I quickly sneaked into the class few minutes before Br. Said came.

We started the class with him talking about his trip to Chieng Mai, Thailand. He said it was a nice experience and gave some tips while being there... After that, we proceeded with the presentations from Mia's group on Public Speaking.

The presentation mostly about the dos and don'ts - again the same thing brought by other groups including us, in public speaking. The scenario was the international public speaking competition and there were 3 members acted as representatives from Maldives, Aussie, and Malaysia respectively. The topic was legalization on prostitution. The Maldives guy gave out some point but there were times he was speaking in a language that probably none of us in the class would understand apart of himself. The second speaker - Mia, who was jumping in and out of the topic while the last speaker - Hazreen, well I think she was portraying a good speaker...

The second part was when Hannan stepped in and pointed out some things that need to be considered such as mic testing, choices of words, eye contact, speech pace, which are vital in public speaking. Mia also said some stuffs on how to overcome your nervousness which is by drinking a lot of water - also good to prevent from dehydration as your mouth can get dried easily while speaking, and as for handling stress, you just need to take deep breathe and have some confidence. Hazreen also said that you need to overcome the fear in you like in public speaking. Well, speaking of fear, deep sea was I fear most - worldly affair to be specific. I almost drown in waterfall and while playing at the beach when I was small so that definitely add up to reason why I'm so scared of deep sea. But of course I intend to overcome the fear by learning to swim when I got some time in future.

Few last things being mentioned are what do you need to have in mind in public speaking which are critical thinking, read a lot of materials, and how to relax before going up to the stage.

Speaking of reading materials, I remember my teacher once said that books are the most important element in seeking the knowledge. Which is why I love bookstores so much and I can sit in there for hours. I still remember the first time I stepped into Kinokuniya in KLCC, and went out after spending 8 hours straight in there... That was a record, I think. But recently, as I need to do few assignments on my core subjects, I added up a new source of informations - among the books, internet, multimedia, etc., which is journal. I never want to read a journal before until I'm instructed to do so by my lecturer. It was long and quite draggy but I think it's a good experience. I got to learn a lot of new vocabularies and medical terms. But I still think I need some time to get used with it.

All in all, their presentation was okay and quite informative. A bit outstanding than the others probably because most of the member have good conduct in English. Well, the President of IIUM Kuantan English Debate is in there... What more can I expect?

As we started the class late, we had only one presentation for today. It was past seven already and I quickly rushed home.

That's all, ciao!