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Should I Or Should I Not?

Thursday, February 14, 2013
It's been awhile since I last updated this blog.

Well, as I only have been updating "Live Your Life to the Fullest" and "Light Up My Soul"...

Anyway, the last entry was... wow. 6 months ago? To you guys who've been reading my blog; I was quite surprised to see the stats actually, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Just leave comments if you guys want to. Sorry for removing some really personal comments though. Hehe

For the past six months of my life, so many things happened, of course. First studio was really crazy. I have gained great companions along the way. Up to the point where we even contact each other during the semester breaks. Yep! Though it's been only 4 months we know each other, we kinda attached to each other very well. Haha

The semester break was nice. Really. Now that we have built a small office nearby our house, it's so easy to operate things rather than we have to back and forth from the town nearby as dad's office is located there. Dad's gonna officially move his things probably in this upcoming months. Mom too.

There's also a plan where dad gonna built a new house for us. Us here only me, mom and my younger brother as he gonna let my big bro live in our old house. When he retired from air force in 5 years time.

What else? Oh. About the entry's topic.

Should I or Should I Not?

I was thinking to actually take Japanese lessons. Like some sort of introduction before I really going to take a real Japanese Language Proficiency Test later on. I need to at least pass N2 before I could I actually apply to Japanese university.

So, I'm gonna use the next 3 years to study the language, aiming to further my study there.

Well, that's my plan for now.

That's what I've been thinking recently. I'm tired to think about what going to happened in the next 5 years, 10 years already. I'll think about that later.

My best friend is right. Totally.

Maybe it's time for me to think about me. I should move on. I guess it's time to let go of that person, too. I'm talking about a person who I have been thinking about for the past 7 years.

I feel so lightless when I finally come to term to that. It's been really stuffy so I guess that's probably the reason why.

Since there's no possibility for us being together. Who knows what's gonna happen in near future but as for right now, I think I'm just gonna live with the fact that I'm ready to let him go.

Huh. We're not even together before this. Yeah. I guess it's really weird to keep on waiting for someone that'll never come, right?

So, yeah. 2013 is gonna be a great year.

Now, I'm really free.