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One More Week

Sunday, January 6, 2013
After we had a little gathering last night, me and mum sent my big bro, my sis in-law and our most beloved little Adam to the airport.

We went to the Sri Rohayu cafe nearby just to hang out before their boarding time.

... Probably just to distract myself from the fact that Adam is going back to KL first, I went for a walk.

This is one of the things why I love my hometown. To be able to see this is just effortless. Beautiful, isn't it?

Dad has to settle some stuffs so he can't make it to the airport. So, yeah. It's just us.

Well, we went back home right after sending them off. No mood to do just about anything. 

Alright then. I guess I'm gonna hit the bad early (way earlier than usual) tonight. 

See you guys next entry. Tsk. T_T